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  Why was Bastille important to the citizens of Paris? The building of the Bastille had been started in 1370 under Charles V By the seventeenth century it had stopped to be important for defense.Cardinal Richelieu turned it into a prison.It was not an ordinary prison to punish common crimes.Its huge doors closed only on enemies of the King The Bastille?s workings were secret.Prisoners were taken to it in closed vehicles.Soldiers on guard duty had to stand with their faces to the wall NO talking was allowed Worst of all,a prisoner never knew if he would be there a day,a week,a year,or forever.Only the King?s letter could set him free

  Over the years the number of arrests by King’S letter had become fewer.By the time of its fall.most of the prisoners were writers who had written against the corruptions(貪污腐敗)of the government Voltaire,the famous French writer,spent a year there in 1717~1718,and another 12 days in 1726. For those who believed in free speech and free thinking,the Bastille stood for everything evil.The day it was captured,only seven prisoners were found inside.Still,the Bastille was hated by the people It was a symbol of the King?s complete power.

  36.The Bastille had been a prison ____

  A.since the time of Charles V B.since 1370 C.before the seventeenth century D.since血e time of Cardinal Richelieu

  37.According to the passage,which of the following statements is FALSE? A.Anyone who did something wrong could find himself suddenly in the Bastille B.The Bastille was only for those who were opposed to the King. C.Things done in the Bastille were hardly known to people outside D.Voltaire was twice put in the Bastille.

  38 At the time of its fall,the Bastille housed ____.

  A.a large number of prisoners

  B a lot of writers who had been against the government

  C.some dozens of people who believed in free speech and free thinking

  D only a few prisoners

  39 Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage?

  A.All prisoners in the Bastille had to stay there for life

  B Over the years the number of prisoners in the Bastille was getting more and more.

  C.The King could put people in,or let them go out,as he wanted.

  D.At the time it was captured,there were so few prisoners in it that it meant little to the people.

  40 This passage mainly ______

  A.tells how the prisoners were controlled by the King

  B.tells how little was known about the Bastille

  C shows the inner workings of the Bastille

  D gives a brief history of the Bastille


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  Passage 3

  Almost every family buys as least one copy of a newspaper every day.Some people subscribe to as many as two or three different newspapers But why do people read newspapers?

  Five hundred years ago,news of important happenings--battles lost and won,kings or rulers overthrown(推翻)or killed--took months and even years to travel from one country to another.The news passed by word of mouth and was never accurate.Today we can read in our newspapers of important events that occur in far away countries on the same day they happen.

  Apart from supplying news from all over the world,newspapers give us a lot of other useful information There are weather reports,radio,television and film guides,book reviews,stories,and of course.advertisements.The bigger ones are put in by large companies to bring attention to their products.They pay the newspapers thousands of dollars for the advertising space,but it is worth the money for news of their products goes into almost every home in the country For those who produce newspapers,advertisements are also very important.Money earned from advertisements makes it possible for them to sell their newspapers at a low price and still make a profit.

  41 The phrase “subscribe to?? in the first paragraph means“ ___C_____”

  A.go to the newspaper stand and buy

  B.send their own news stories to

  C.agree to buy for a specific period of time

  D become faithful readers of

  42 The habit of reading newspapers is __A___


  B.found among a few families

  C.not popular


  43.Before the time of the newspaper,__D____

  A bad news traveled quickly and good news slowly

  B few people cared about events that took place in far away countries

  C.kings and rulers were often overthrown or killed

  D.news was passed from one person to another

  44 The author seems to agree that money spent on advertisements is __C____


  B.not much

  C well spent

  D.of no use to anyone

  45.Which of the following statements is TRUE? A

  A.Five hundred years ago it took a long time for news to reach other countries.

  B.Newspaper advertisements turn people’S attention away from their products.

  C.The news that we read in newspapers is mainly about new products.

  D When newspapers are sold at a low price,the newspaper producers will lose money.


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  【silly question】

  One silly question I simply can?t stand is“How do you feel”.Usually the question is asked of a man in action—a man on the go.walking along the street.or busily working at his desk So what d0 you expect him to say?He?11 probably say.“Fine.I?m all right.”But “you?ve put a bug in his ear”一maybe now he?s not sure If you are a good friend,you may have seen something in his face,or his walk.that he did not realize that morning It starts him worrying a little.First thing you know.he looks in a mirror to see if everything is aⅡ fight,while you go merrily on your way asking someone else.‘‘How do you feel?” Every question has its time and place It?s perfectly acceptable,for instance,to ask ‘‘How do you feel??? if you?re visiting a close friend in the hospital But if the fellow is walking on both legs,hurrying to make a train,or sitting at his desk working,it?s no time to ask him that silly question. When George Bernard Shaw,the famous writer of plays was in his eighties,someone asked him“How do you feel”,Shaw put him in his place.‘‘When you reach my age”,he said.“either you feel all right or you?re dead”

  31.According to the writer,greetings,such as“How do you feel?” _D__

  A.show one?s consideration for others

  B.are a good way to make friends

  C are proper to ask a man in action

  D.generally make one feel uneasy

  32.The question“How do you feel?”seems to be correct and suitable when asked of D

  A.a man working at his desk

  B.a person having lost a close friend

  C.a stranger who looks somewhat worried

  D.a friend who is ill

  33.The writer seems to feel that a busy man should _C___

  A be praised for his efforts

  B never be asked any question

  C.not be bothered

  D be discouraged from working so hard

  34.George Bernard Shaw’s reply in the passage shows his _B_____





  35„„You?ve put a bug in his ear?? means that you?ve D

  A.made him laugh

  B.shown concern for him

  C made fun of him

  D.given him some kind of warning


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  當George Bernard Shaw——一個著名的劇作家,在他80多歲的時候,有人問他:“你感覺怎么樣”,Shaw讓這個人站在自己的角度來想想。“當你到了我這個年齡,”他說“要么你感覺良好,要么你已經死了。”